Best Foreign Universities in Tuscany

Are you looking for a Tuscany university? Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It attracts a large number of tourists and students from different parts of the globe and is best known for its vibrant culture, traditions, and customs. At the same time, Italy is famous for its quality education facilities, and schools, colleges, and universities offer outstanding study and research resources. We present a list of the best foreign universities in Tuscany.

University in Fiesole, Tuscany

It is one of the best Tuscan universities and is widely known for its Cortona study abroad programs. It was founded in 1972 by the founding members of the European Community. Here you can get access to a large number of degree programs and can submit multiple applications at a time. The overall environment is quite peaceful, and students are provided with paid and unpaid internships so that they can get hands-on experience before starting their professional lives.

Georgetown University – Florence

If you are looking for a Tuscan university, then you should study at the University of Tuscany. Alternatively, you can submit your application at Georgetown University. Every year, this institute welcomes hundreds to thousands of international students and provides them with on-site and distance learning programs. Students are required to pass the entry test before their admission is confirmed or unconfirmed. You can get a chance to apply for a job at a company of desire as this university’s degree is accepted and appreciated by almost all companies and brands across the globe. The students of Georgetown can apply to the Villa’s undergraduate programs, where they get a chance to meet new people and to learn from the experiences of their professors and senior fellows.

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