Student Programs

Tuscany offers students a variety of education, one of which is a program exclusively for first-year students. Amazingly, some of these programs are offered for a few months while the others are technical ones and ensure the success of students on the long term. The details of these programs are mentioned below.

First-year global fellow program

The Tuscany student programs are well versed and amazing. It has a lot of faculty and students in the first year program. The purpose of this program is to connect local students with international ones. In simple words, we can say that this is the program that allows first-year students to interact with students of the same age group, living in different parts of the world.

Short term courses

Some short-term certificate and diploma courses are also offered. One of the major benefits of these programs is that you do not have to hold a degree in order to seek admission. In fact, you can apply for them whenever you feel comfortable. These programs give you an opportunity to interact with new people and to learn new theories and techniques related to your area of specialization.

Professional studies

Faculties from across the globe come to Tuscany to teach professional degree programs. Their fees are affordable, and the quality of education is fantastic. You can have an access to the degree programs or study programs of your choice, and make sure you have submitted the student application form prior to the last date so that your chances of getting admission are high.

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